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WHAT IS Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing, or SMM, is a powerful marketing channel that lets you engage your customers and potential clients at a personal level. Social and social media are now part of everyone's daily lives. People use social media to communicate with their friends, check in on the latest trends and shares, look for product reviews.

social media marketing is currently the most effective way to reach out and engage your audience.

How do you know if a social media tactic works? You want to answer this question by monitoring your engagement. A good measure of success is how many people are talking about you on social media and how many people are clicking the links they create under your posts. The more people are talking about you, the more likely people are going to choose to follow you.

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Grow Your Business with Social Media Presence?

  1. Develop Brand Awareness So Is The Followers

    Social media marketing will help increase your visibility and exposure on the web. Our social media consulting services will help you grow your network of followers with relevant people. We will help you target your audience and build a profile that matches the demographic, interests, and behaviors of your customers.
  2. Build Engaging Experience With Target Audience

    When you get engaged with your customers, they are more likely to buy from you. We will help you increase the number of likes, comments, and shares to strengthen your connection with your audience. The more engagement you have, the stronger your connection is with your customers.
  3. Increase Your Website Visibility And Traffic.

    Your website traffic will increase as a result of us showing your product to people who click on your ads. This is best done through social media advertising. This is where we promote your products to people who are already interested in your brand. We can also add-on retargeting social ads so we stay in front of people after they visit your website.

Social Media in this 20th Century

Social media has revolutionized the way humans interact with each other and the way we express our thoughts and ideas. The amount of people who use social media is close to or already equal to the population of some countries in the world. They communicate and share their opinions, but what they also do is conduct research on their favourite brands while they are engaging directly with them (thanks to Facebook surveys). Moreover, mobile apps have become increasingly popular, especially when it comes to accessing social media platforms. 94% of millennials check Facebook through a mobile app every day! Google Trends show that growing number of women are using Instagram, Flickr and Pinterest too , and Twitter too see a larger female user base than male ones. So overall, in just 10 years since its first creation, social media has taken over the modern world!

The way that people use social media has changed dramatically over the years! It was originally created as a way for friends and family to communicate and socialize online, but it’s evolved into so much more than just an easy way to keep in touch these days. There are so many platforms now, and any company that isn’t using it as part of their marketing campaign is missing out on prime opportunities for connecting with consumers, leads or even both counterparts at the same time! Here are some recent statistics from customers who have used social media in a positive manner

71% of consumers who had a positive social media experience with a brand were likely to recommend it to other people
21% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that they can reach on social media.

If you’re new to social media, you may be wondering why companies would bother using it at all. Sure, sites like Facebook and Twitter are fun for interacting with friends and family, but where could they possibly find the time or motivation? And why not target their efforts on platforms that actually push sales? Well simply put, customers – who happen to follow your company in general - can often be found lurking via social media lurking within the deepest reaches of the tangles of what is undoubtedly a confusing internet jungle - as many don’t even know how Amazon SEO works! In simpler terms: it is easier to find them and get noticed by them here rather than having to dig around endlessly online somewhere else. And with social media marketing services, companies can rest assured knowing they will have access to expert knowledge that helps grow specific accounts and foster solid relationships with followers. After all, people want to connect with people.

What actually is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media to increase brand awareness, build a targeted following and drive website traffic. It's an amazing tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs because it allows them to create their own in-depth profile on platforms where their target audience spends most of their time. People enjoy having the freedom to post pictures or videos of whatever they want for others to see and it doesn't matter whether you're selling products or simply trying to offer help to others in some way. Social Media Marketing gives people the opportunity to get real-time feedback from friends and family which can be extremely valuable in helping learn what works and what doesn't when it comes down to interacting with your target audience on a particular network.

All of that sounds like a great idea. How do you get started? There are some social media platforms that you can use to help your business and you should start with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The first thing you should know is that social media marketing is made up of two parts: organic social media management, which you will learn about on this page and the second is paid social media advertising.

The best way to determine how to go about your social media marketing plan is to first decide what your business goals are and what you would want to get out of social media marketing. So let’s know more about this first.

Social Media Marketing Campaign Can Help Your Business Grow

Think about the amount of people that we've said uses sites like Facebook or Twitter. At this rate, with these sorts of numbers over the course of social media's life- to -date, there's an overwhelming majority , a number that can only increase at this point, of people within your target audience who will use these platforms for their advertising purposes, whether it be for entertainment in casual conversations, certain everyday activities where they're using specific aspects of social media more often than others, or even when it comes down to just trying to improve their lives in some way!

Social media marketing works by helping you put strategic social media content and ads in front of those following your business on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Twitter and the like. When people have already begun to take an interest in what your business puts out there, they'll be more likely to continue following it since they're probably interested in what else it will share. The best part is that this gets your brand a great deal of exposure as well as higher conversion rates from clicks and shares to followers.

When you leverage social media marketing effectively, you maximize your reach, qualified website traffic and conversions. For example, when someone takes their first step into doing business with you on your site, the typical scenario enjoys a conversion. Conversions are typically the end goal of your social media activities – whether that’s a completed sale, lead form completion or any other action to indicate value being delivered by your brand.

What is the Difference between

Social Media Marketing & Digital Marketing

We get asked this a lot! The short answer is that social media marketing is one of the digital marketing services we offer at GROWTHINFLOW.

Digital marketing is a term that basically encompasses all of the many different digital methods you could use to get your products and services in front of your potential customers. This includes: - Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertisements, Content Marketing, Mobile Advertising and more!

So as you can see social media is often just one piece of a larger digital marketing strategy. That's why we are an integrated marketing agency offering services in digital strategy and social media marketing among others. This is because you want your content to shine brightly in support of and supported by all the other important online presences that you develop over the long-term.

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Should You Be Active On Social Media Platforms To Grow Your Business?

We get asked this a lot! The short answer is that social media marketing is one of the digital marketing services we offer at GROWTHINFLOW.

Trust is the number one attribute you need to focus on when developing your brand strategy. It's important for potential customers to see that your business will be able to carry out their requests and also understand what they're looking for from a product or service. The best way to instill trust in your target audience is by creating an account within the social media accounts they are already familiar with and following so that their eyes become accustomed to seeing your brand first instead of being shown the other brands before them in posts. When you create content, it's imperative that it stays on message, reachable and interactive as well!

That’s where social media marketing comes in. More commonly referred to as SMM promotion, this method of digital marketing aims to establish brand awareness and increase brand engagement by building a solid social media presence for your business. But how important is this presence? Well, let’s look at these statistics:

Our Social Media Marketing Services

we help companies use social media to build good relationships that translate into great business, by helping them increase their engagement and conversation rate.

Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook is the world's leading social media platform, with over 2 billion monthly active users. By advertising on Facebook, you are guaranteed to reach your desired audience. With over 1.4 billion daily active users, Facebook is a powerful tool for growing your business. Through Facebook ads, you can target your audience by location, demographics, interests, and behaviors. You can also create custom audiences based on your own customer data. With so many options, Facebook is the perfect platform for growing your business.

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Instagram Marketing Services

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to social media, that couldn't be more true. Instagram is one of the most engaging social platforms out there, with over 60% of people using it to discover new products. If you're not already building your audience on Instagram, you're missing out. Start sharing your products and stories today, and you'll soon start seeing the results.

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Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter is a powerful platform that can help increase brand recognition for your business. With over 330 million users, Twitter is used by people of all ages, from 18-64. This makes it a great platform to build trust and relationships with potential and existing customers.

By creating a Twitter account for your business, you can start to engage with your target audience and create a strong presence on the social platform. In order to increase brand recognition, it is important to post quality content that is relevant to your brand and audience. You can also use hashtags to reach a wider audience and promote your brand. Additionally, you can use Twitter ads to promote your brand to a specific audience.

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LinkedIn Marketing Services

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B networking tool that can help generate awareness for high-quality prospects who are likely to become customers. Our LinkedIn marketing services can help integrate social media with the rest of your B2B advertising efforts to drive sales and generate targeted leads. LinkedIn excels at connecting businesses with each other and fostering relationships that can lead to sales. By utilizing LinkedIn marketing services, you can take advantage of this powerful networking tool to help grow your business.

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Why Choose GROWTHINFLOW FOR Social Media Marketing Services?

  1. We Are Transparent

    There are no surprises because you can oversee the whole process and have an active hand in all of our efforts. You get to decide on how we use our social media and even approve our deliverables. We work together like a well-oiled machine where you're required to do very little effort while getting amazing results!
  2. Best Bang For The Buck

    The wrong choice in social media advertising will cost you more money than it should. That’s why we feel that rather than charge a high retainer rate, we would rather give you what you pay us for and leave the rest up to you on a paid ad basis. This way, as your agency, we can help maximize your budget confidently knowing that we won’t have to recover it all back from our fees because you need more exposure to get more customers and make more business! We help by promoting quality content and actively engaging with followers. We know how to design great posts - so it doesn’t matter if you don’t have the skill set in this area already!
  3. Less Risk Agreements

    Agencies like us at GROWTHINFLOW are about providing excellent services for our clients. We have to keep in mind that their trust and confidence has to be earned before we can start hoping for long term relationships with them. As a company, we're concerned about giving our clients not only the best social media marketing services out there but also making sure they maintain the kind of relationship where they want to work with us again in the future or recommend us to friends who might want our services as well.That’s what it means when we say higher integrity and wanting to earn your trust through giving great results!

How To Market On Social Media Platforms?

Research is the Key

Do the heavy taking when it comes to social media marketing plans, making sure to do in-depth research on your target audience, competitors, and user behaviors on various social media platforms before you begin creating your plan of attack.

Finding information about your competitors is a necessary part of marketing strategy. There are several methods for doing so, but you should always start by using social media as the foundation of your competitor analysis. From there, you can do more thorough investigation on Facebook pages and other channels such as Instagram and Twitter!

Take note of what they’re doing (perhaps jot down notes as you go) and figure out if it’s a strategy you think is worth emulating. The way the majority of people make their purchasing decisions online these days is through reviews, customer feedback and recommendations – so make sure that you check out what people are saying about them!

And finally, you want to understand how people use the platform you're utilizing. Take note of their culture and tailor your content accordingly! For example: if you have a long-form video to publish on Twitter, users are used to consuming short bursts of content so be mindful when choosing what to post. Whereas when using YouTube for example, it's easy to publish longer videos and the culture is geared toward this sort of content.

With all this information we are good to go for the next step.

Make A Plan And Prepare Killer Content

After conducting extensive market research (e.g who you are going to sell your products to), put yourself in their shoes. What would they respond to best on social media? What do they care to see and what would they quickly get lost in? While your business’ social media accounts are for your business, they should ultimately be a place of entertainment for those who happen to find them!

Remember that social media marketing is all about capturing the attention of targeted, qualified and relevant followers. So your social media content should be less sales heavy and more customer focused. Provide informative and helpful content that makes you a thought leader in your space while simultaneously providing value to potential customers (who naturally become current leads).

The other perk that comes with planning out your social media content is it gives you time to think about your brand messaging. Decide how you want to interact with your followers and what tone you want your business voice to take in the social media space!

Now it's the time to optimize your social profiles.

Optimize Your Social Profiles

Make sure everything about your social media presence that you can control is optimized. This includes ensuring how you handle the entire process of crafting each post. It's important to make sure your social media profile bio is shine and reflects who you are and what you want to be known for. Make sure your logo is a high resolution version, add a profile photo at the very least, ensure that all of your links work properly and then don’t neglect proofreading for any spelling or punctuation errors, among other things!

If you’re managing your company’s social media accounts, it’s important that everything is consistent across the board. Customers should be able to easily find you on any platform by typing in your brand name. To help create a more unified look, we suggest that you make sure handles are the same across all platforms because this is what users will see when trying to find you.

The last tip we have for you about making the most out of your social media marketing plan is to make sure that you're adjusting it here and there according to Facebook and Instagram's latest updates. They are slowly beginning to implement SEO features in their platforms which means if someone is searching with terms related specifically to your business or industry then your profile may show up even if they don't use any hashtags or location tags. When you're optimizing your bio, particularly on Instagram, make sure you include keywords in order to optimize just how well-liked it will be by other users!

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